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Instead of eardrum

With the voice vibration technology, the earphone works like an eardrum and reaches the inner ear directly. Since it has the same function as the eardrum, it has the ability to hear sound without the eardrum.

Natural sound

There are no mechanical or howling sounds, the sound is natural, and it is a healthy earphone that considers the body naturally.

Get two sounds

A healthy person can listen to two different sound sources at the same time, the sound through the earphones and the sound heard by the eardrum.

japan earphone ear stress

Is your earphone damaging your ears?

Japan Earphone has the ability to hear sound without the eardrum!

Japan earphone listen to sound with a Different mechanism.

Normal EarPhone

japan earphone ear structure (normal)

When you hear sounds by using general earphones or hearing aids, etc., eardrums are used. The eardrums convert the sound into vibration to transmit it to the auditory nerve.

Japan EarPhone

japan earphone ear structure (Japan Earphone)

With this Japan Earphone, the earphones themselves convert the sound into vibration in place of the eardrums that get older with age, and directly transmit it to the auditory nerve.

Our Japan Earphone is perfect for everyone who loves to listen a natural sound!

What CustomerS Say about Japan Earphone

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"The earphones have a great sound. I am a musician and the I can vouch for the fact that the quality of music is really great. The crisp quality of sound gives me the motivation that I need to listen to and create more music. This earphone really adjusts the sound of the earphone smartly. This cool new feature is mind blowing. It means that if someone talks to you while your earphones are plugged in your ears, you don’t need to take them out. While walking through the mall or while taking a walk in the park, if someone bumps into you, you don’t need to take them out and adjust the volume. It does that for you automatically. How cool is that? This is something that I really enjoy, it just means more time to listen to my favourite songs. And it just makes life so easy! Another thing that I like about it is the beautiful design. The earphones are the right size and the big circular pods fit into my ear really well. Overall, I am extremely happy with the earphones. They have everything that I need and the new feature is just mesmerizing. I hope they continue producing more of these as I can’t see myself getting back to any other earphones! "
japan earphone review1
"I used to be concerned about the safety of using headphones while exercising outdoors, but now I can do both without worrying! I was once reluctant to use headphones while cycling, running, or even walking outside. Cutting off your sense of sound and being unable to hear the traffic and other things happening around you is a hazard that can easily cause accidents. I’ve seen too many close calls and serious incidents to take the chance, and I discouraged my friends from ever using headphones while doing any activity outdoors. With the Japanese Earphones, I can listen to my music and be fully aware of my surroundings at the same time. I can even wear them in a crowded café, listening to music and talking with friends at the same time without missing out on the conversation or having that embarrassing, unconscious shouty voice that you speak in without realising it when your hearing is compromised. These are great for any activity, and you never lose sense of what is happening around you while enjoying whatever you want to listen to. Highly recommend!"
japan earphone review2
"The earphones are just great and convenient for those who prefer no noise cancellation! You usually can’t hear anything apart from your music, but the Japan Earphones creates a safer environment for myself which ideally keeps me much more attenuative to my surroundings and enjoying my music or podcast at the same time. I’ll highly recommend this earphone to anyone who prefer high quality sound and those who dislike noise cancellation regarding your safety. Staff are really helpful and friendly; they will go in-depth and let you know the science behind how these earphones work and deliver exceptional sound!"